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Last week an old friend messaged me and asked me if I was going to be home over the weekend. I hadn’t talked to her in years and was surprised to hear from her. She explained she would be in town with her son for a Lacrosse tournament.

She hadn’t even mentioned it yet, but I said, “Hey, do you want to get together?” A plan was set. We would meet up at the tournament and spend a few hours talking while her son did whatever he was going to do, play, rest, whatever.

When I learned my friend would…

Why, even if you think you’re living your dreams, you may be holding back. Now is the time to claim YOUR wild.

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As I sit here and write, I have a few quotes flowing through my head. Normally, I have bumper-sticker type quotes helping me stay motivated. Really. I seriously do. I also know that when something becomes too habitual for me, like motivational quotes, I tend to forget the true meaning and weight behind the words.

The other day, I was walking my dog Sadie and listening to the Marie Forleo podcast. Glennon Doyle was the guest. I’d read her book “Untamed” and thought it was good. While I was actively reading the book, it didn’t make a huge impact on…

Why I’m working to find the good in everyday one moment at a time.

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I bought a new daily journal, and every entry has a spot for the day summed up in one word. I noticed when I have a good day, I struggle to find the right word to celebrate my day. When my days suck, it’s pretty easy to say the day was crappy, sucky, meh, annoying, or just shitty.

Trying to pinpoint what made my day good often leaves me feeling stumped. The reason it seems hard to describe the best thing that happened is I expect those experiences to be incredible. But, life isn’t like that. …

Here’s what I’ve learned about trusting my gut, listening to my heart, and finding opportunity in obstacles.

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One month into graduate school at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I asked a professor I trusted to meet with me during his office hours. I was ready to quit and move back home. I felt like a failure only one month into my journalism program. In many ways, I was ill-equipped for the coursework. I was floundering and my self-confidence was tanking.

My classmates seemed to be so much smarter than me. While I was the first in my family to attend college, some of my classmates had parents who were doctors, or professors at highly regarded universities.

As a highly sensitive person, the noise of the world has been overwhelming, nature has helped me recharge.

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Today, I took my dog Sadie for a nice long walk. It’s something I try to do daily during the pandemic because I have more time and flexibility during the day. I really felt I needed to get out of the house. The last week has felt extremely heavy, mentally, and physically, and 2020 seems riddled with problems, each topping the other.

Sadie and I took to our regular walking path and while we meandered, sometimes walking, sometimes running, I realized that despite all the ugliness in the world — the injustice, poverty, inequity — beauty still resides in nature.

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This is my freeze-tag moment to pause before leaping into a new adventure.

Today I was supposed to go to work. When I woke up, I felt ill. I had a headache and I was dizzy. Eventually, I called in because I wasn’t sure if I was really sick or not. I always struggle with the idea I might be letting people down. But, since this is a time when people are dying as a result of the Covid-19 coronavirus it’s best not to take any chances.

As someone who is a semi-hypochondriac being ill during a pandemic is to…

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Where once I had a rush from making a purchase, I am now working to let go of things to find what truly makes me happy and sets my soul alight.

If some people are emotional eaters, I am an emotional spender. If things are going bad, I often think, “What the hell? I’m already in deep, why not get a little deeper?”

I mention this because like so many other people these days, I am questioning what it means to have enough and be enough in my life.

My closet these days seems pretty bare.

My home does not…

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Why pushing hard to achieve more only leads to more challenge, and struggle.

Recently my uncle sent me a letter. Knowing I was searching for a new position, he shared the well-known survival of the fittest story about the lion and gazelle. “It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle. When the sun comes up, you’d better be running.”

While that image of the gazelle having to outrun the cheetah, lion or whatever predator it must beat to see another day, has been used as a motivator for those in business for many years, the image it…

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6 things you can do to leave the past behind

Since my teens, I’ve used journals to write down whatever is happening in my life. I have kept so many journals over the years, the idea of tossing any seemed like sacrilege. Until last week, when I decided I needed to purge.

The last four years have felt like the craziest rollercoaster ride, filled with many highs and some extreme lows. From my father’s death to moving to a new city, starting a new job to losing that job and then another.

I’ve heard people say, on repeat, you need to let go of that shit that weighs you down…

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Five rules on finding an opportunity while facing down life challenges

I started researching cars about a year ago because my 2007 Honda Civic was starting to show her age. I decided, by the end of 2019, I would have a new car.

I spoke it to the universe. I said, “God, Universe, I don’t know how I’m going to get a new car, or how I’m going to pay for it, but by the end of the year, I will have a new car.”

Be Careful What you Wish For

Rule №1: Be really clear about what you want because the universe has a sense of humor

When speaking things into existence, get your shit in the right order.

I say this because, within days of again saying, “God, you’re gonna get me…

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I’m interested in the human condition.

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